My professional career started in 2009, playing for TEAM Speedlink in the German 'ESL Professional Series' in Counter-Strike:Source. In my rookie season, I managed to get into the Top 10 in the statistics.

The next season, I played for SNOGARD Dragons and we managed to get into the finals and were in the second place. Beside that I was chosen as the MVP of that season and therefore was the best German player in 2010.

After that I was in the prestigious organization mousesports. In this time, we won the German EPS and the Ligapokal (Cup) which was my most successful season in Counter-Strike:Source.

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive came out in 2012 and many players switched to it. I needed a break and started to play 2015 in Space Soldiers, a Turkish organization based in Istanbul and founded by Bunyamin and Edis Aydin. Bunyamin Aydin is also the founder of Les Benjamins, a luxury street wear brand. We managed to get into Top 15 teams worldwide in ranking, a very successful achievement.

In 2018, I made the step into my first management role in Space Soldiers as Sales Representative.

  • Beim Lindenhain 15 74722 Buchen / Germany 


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